Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions
  • Dear Customer, All the holiday package mentioned & sold by movito group in website and brochure is only valid for movito paid customer.
  • All Movito Holiday Packages rates mentioned whether its Hotel / Trains / Flights are according to the current prevailing rates and any changes in prices , the movito group has sole discretion/rights to do the needful subject to change, as & when required
  • In relation to rate change, if any customers who has already purchased holiday package, movito will honor its commitment towards customer even if rate change happens.
  • If movito group has issued any holiday package or it has been purchased by customer, the Validity of Holiday package would be for One Year ( 365 Days ) from the date of Registration and Payment confirmation date, otherwise the package would be treated as Complete, No Refund Policy if not utilised within validity period.
  • Movito group doesn't / over convince the customer to buy Holiday packages and its sole discretion of customer whether he buys or decline.
  • It has been notified that all the customer who has bought the holiday destination and due to some reason wants to cancel their holiday package, In that case the customer has to inform within 7 days from the date of purchase to our mail id : admin@movitogroup.com. once the cancellation is accepted the customer amount would be refunded after deducting the GST and will be transferred to his updated bank details given in our record while filling up the form.
  • If customer cancels his/her holiday package, from that cancelled package if anyone gains any financial benefits, the company has the right to get the benefited amount or would be debited from their next payout.
  • By the Virtue of Cancel package if anybody become achiever or his/her up line achieved any LEVEL / PROMOTIONAL BONUS / GROUP INCENTIVE / REWARD, then his achievement would be kept on hold till the customer re-qualify's.
  • Movito Group doesn't guarantee any fix bonus / income in lieu of their holiday package, all the benefits like Promotional income / group incentive / rewards etc are all distributed from the profits of company.
Package Terms & Conditions
  • Customers will be entertained as per the features of packages provided by Movito Group.
  • Holiday package facilities has been mentioned in package details, anything else apart from described services like Lunch / Dinner / Sightseeing etc has to be paid and taken care by the customer in hotel or in and around destination.
  • Any customer who stays more than prescribed Days/ Nights as per the package, any extra days/nights payment has to be paid by the customer directly to the hotel. This conditions is applicable to all domestic holiday destinations.
  • Any Customer availing International Tour and staying more than 4 nights / 5 days, extra days stay would be paid by the customer directly to hotel.
  • Movito group doesn't provide Travel Insurance with our package, if customer wants to avail then he can pay premium as actual to third party vendors as per his choice.
  • While Touring or Availing Destination Holiday package, customer has to take care of his own safety in case of any eventuality like natural calamity, accident, personal safety would be solely responsible for his own well being & his family.
  • If any time in a year customer plans to avail his holiday destination package, he has to inform 45 days before for smooth services and seamless holiday experience.
  • While availing the Holiday package, Registered Movito Customer is mandatory to be part of Holiday package tour.
  • Any Issue arises out of information provided by Customer ( Like Name/Date/Destination ) for booking Train / Flight Ticket would be sole responsibility of customer.
  • If customer has booked the Holiday package and that particular destination doesn't have 3 Star Holiday accommodation, then the customer has to opt for 2 Star Hotel booking.
  • Movito provides Train Sleeper berth booking in Rs 11,000 & Rs 22,000 Holiday Package, if by any chance Ticket is not confirmed due to Heavy Rush / Technical Issue / Issue in Govt Portal IRCTC, In that case the customer has to inform movito customer care or admin for new date for confirmed booking for happy and safe journey, this conditions applies to flight ticket too.
  • In case of any Natural Calamity or Accident if Flights Cancels / Train routes are changed, In this conditions customer has to manage of his own to reach destination, would be solely responsible for managing his source to reach destination.
  • Destination has to be selected by Customer for Domestic Packages
  • Train / Flight ticket would be given till Nearest Station / Airport as per the Holiday Destination package. We don't provide pick and drop facility and customer has to manage of his own.
  • Movito Group takes utmost care while planning your happy and memorable tour, may be at times there are issues get cropped due to bad hotel or services, we would appreciate if you can inform our helpdesk your experience and review, so that next time we would more careful and may drop also our hotel partner for not being up to the mark as per movito partners policy...your feedback is very important to upgrade & upscale our business for our valued customers.
  • Dear Customer, If you are happy with Movito Services, we request you to start recommending to your friends and relatives of our best holiday packages and services, Its Humble Request not condition. If you start recommending then you become our business partner and start enjoying the best income through cash back, Incentives, Rewards & Many more exciting offers...step into a great business opportunity and enjoy the financial freedom in life & make your dream come true.
  • If any customer drives down to Holiday destination in his own vehicle, then we can upgrade the services and will provide dinner as complimentary too, No Petrol / Diesel charges would redeemed.
  • Customer can use Movito Holiday Package only once in year and it's valid for a year from the date of registration and payment realization.